Rivetted Leather Design

Handmade Leather Goods for the Dark Nomadic Soul

Rivetted is handmade slow fashion with versatility and constant motion in mind. Quality, elaborate detail, and a hint of dark glamour combine with utility, durability, and strength to create beautiful pieces meant to withstand a lifetime of daily use and wear.

Rivetted is made for the nomadic desert spirit, the post-apocalyptic warrior, and the dark femme fatale - inviting all who may wander into unexplored lands.


Sequoia Cervantes


Sequoia is the sole creator and designer of Rivetted. She began working with leather in 2013. As her work sparked interest in her community, she continued to cultivate and hone her craft. In 2014 she launched the initial idea for Rivetted Leather.

She is inspired by the raw edges and textures of leather and raw gems in her work creating bags, belts, jackets, vests, and other wearable art. Each piece takes advantage of the parts of the leather that many consider blemishes; and by casting the imperfections as perfect, create wearable art. The raw cut edges of the hide, the blemishes, stretch marks, wounds, cuts, suede side, and scraps become celebrated and tell a new story of strength and growth. She uses the shapes that already exist within the material and envisions them as a part of something new. Her line of fashion is a carefully curated look of dark and wild elegance.