Rivetted Leather Design

Handmade Intimate dark art as fashion

The first ideation of Rivetted was in December 2013. It started as the need to create, and a search for the softest leathers and highest quality hardware. The initial inspirations were garter belts and holsters; and grew to create jackets, purses, and many other custom creations. Rivetted now offers it’s own unique brand of sci-fi inspired dark strappy intimate leather wear, honed with a vision to custom fit and celebrate the body.

Rivetted is handmade slow fashion. Each rivet is set with a mallet and anvil, each piece measured and cut by hand, and designed with the durability meant to withstand a lifetime of daily use and wear.


Sequoia Cervantes

 Sequoia is the sole creator and designer of Rivetted. She began working with leather in 2013, and crafting clothing designs out of many materials long before that.

She is inspired by the raw edges and textures of leather, and sees the design that already exists within the material, envisioning it as a part of something new. The human body shapes the patterns she creates to drape chains and spiked, riveted leather against skin.

She is also the owner, creator, and designer behind Rhythos Dress, launched in spring 2019. Her line of fashion is a carefully curated look of dark and wild elegance.